There's Life, and Then There's Living

January 20, 2018

This morning, we asked Alexa what the secret to life is, she said "42".

My next question was "Alexa, what does 42 mean?"

She made an obsure reference to Douglas Adams, ah.. the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!  

Mr Adams wrote, "The number 42 is the 'answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, the everything,' calculated by an enormous supercomputer named Deep Thought over a period of 7.5 million years. Unfortunately, no one knows what the question is."


 I’m 42, does that mean I’m done? My time is up? Or is it a reminder that life is short, so don’t stop!!


If you break it down, there is life: birth, school, clock in, matching socks, cooking dinner, dishes, mowing the lawn, clock out, dentist appointments, cleaning toilets, changing light bulbs. And then there is living: all the stuff that happens between the dash, or the day you graced the planet with your birth, to the day you go back to dust stands for. Take away the mundane details required to be civilized, and what have you done to LIVE. 



For my daughters 17th birthday, she got a tattoo. It is beautiful, she designed it, it means something to her.

For her 18th birthday she went skydiving.

Just before her 19th birthday she joined a volunteer group in Bali and taught English to impoverished children.



My daughter has had a job since she was 16, she graduated high school with honors and a 4.2 GPA (3.97 unweighted). She was senior class president, she mentored and helped a 1st grader learn to read better in English her Senior year. She paid for her skydiving adventure and her Bali adventure herself.  



How does factor in to real estate?  Most people have to compromise on what life requires them to do: 3 bedrooms so the kids don’t have to share, a garage for tools to repair the house, close to schools and under budget. But when you’re showing properties, be sure and dig a bit deeper into their LIFE and find out how to help them LIVE. She loves to paint, so you find a home close to a art shop where she can take lessons. He loves to ride a motorcycle, and you know there’s a great road in the country right next to a new listing.   The bottom line is, there is life, and there is living, and often we blur the lines and forget to live.


I tell people, life is short, buy the beach house. It doesn’t even have to be right on the water. They want their city to say Santa Rosa BEACH. They know its there. Maybe its realizing that they can walk 4 blocks or perhaps drive ½ a mile to the emerald waters and sugar soft sand along 30A. Could be that living here can allow their artisan spirit soar or play to their musical side (pun intended). The bottom line is, you have to do life somewhere, so you might as well live where even the drive to work is sweeter.





Two things to take away:

  1.  Live your dash, don’t let anything stop you.

  2. Listen to your customers and find out what they want out of life, and help them find it.  Beyond the granite, and paint colors. 


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