A Series of Unfortunate (and fortunate) Events

October 6, 2018


Once upon a time, a buyer finds a house, falls in in love and makes an offer. Offer is negotiated, countered – perhaps a time or two… and finally, the coveted executed contract.  That next day you hastily schedule the home inspection, and get in touch with title companies and lenders.


Things are moving in a positive direction, inspection report and required repairs are done. Title is moving along and lending is in underwriting…. closing date is fast approaching. Then it happens. Appraisal day.  Hearts cease to beat, air is gasped, and the floors are paced as we wait…. will the house appraise? Well?? WILL IT???


For me, this last month was an intense whirlwind for a first time Military home buyer.  We were right about to the non-pulse stage which was coincidentally 6 days before their closing date when the slowest VA appraiser in the world finally submitted his appraisal to the lender.  Let me tell you, when the lender calls at 7:30am it is NEVER a good thing.  We were under asking price.  And not just under asking price – we were $30,000 UNDER  asking price. Now, I know what you’re thinking, the comps, the area, the comps… we did our homework, the listing agent and I both were speechless.  We were SIX days from close. My family had already turned in their notice and were packing. SIX days!  Unfortunately, the pleading from both the listing agent and myself fell on deaf ears, and the seller decided he would rather relist that allow even an appeal. So now what.  I have to tell my buyers.


This is a call every agent dreads. The “I’m sorry there was nothing we could have done, but we have no house” call. The one where I’m supposed to be positive and focus on the good, and tell them we will find them a house.  The one where my emotions were not supposed to be involved.  Too late.  I was devastated but managed to compose myself and began to formulate a plan.  We began looking immediately for new places. We had lending completed, we had everything in order except a house.  I had them both barely holding on but believing we could do this.


Between Wednesday and Frida we tried a few different attempts, for new construction that didn’t work out much to our dismay. Two blows in two days. So again, plan, positive, focus, lets do this.  I lined up houses to see on Saturday. Eight homes. Yes EIGHT. I was not going to leave my military brother and his family homeless.  One by one we see them, one is old, one is new, one is too much, the other was perfect but the seller couldn’t be out until well after their must move date, one was perfect and got an offer accepted WHILE WE WERE IN IT… the last house….. Our hearts were pounding out of our chests.


We walked into the house, open concept (check), granite countertops (check), garage (check), right high school for the oldest girl (check), purple bedroom for the younger girl (check), fenced in back yard (check).  Price?  Perfect…. We all sat there stunned.  After all this, we had found them something that would work. Now the hurdle, can we do it in exactly 30 days.

Let me say God, fate, destiny, karma, whatever you believe – it was on our side that day.  The sellers agreed to be out in 29 days, The VA appraiser came out 4 days after we ordered it. (AND IT APPRAISED)!!!! The title commitment is in. Now we wait until August the 1st to welcome this family to their new home, and pray the closing goes off without a hitch.


I was told I was crazy for caring too much. I was told 8 homes was too much to show. I was told I shouldn’t get emotionally involved. I was told I couldn’t do it in 29 days.  I was told all these things, and had I believed ONE of them, my dear family would be looking at apartments and bidding their dreams of homeownership farewell.  They would have nowhere to go. They would be sad beyond belief and that tiny sweet dancing preschooler wouldn’t have a purple bedroom to move into.

I’m the beach therapist. I listen, I hear, I pay attention and I find the perfect prescription for their needs. I can’t wait to post pictures of them in front of their new home.  I make house calls — call me 850-499-0454



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